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Design Your Teeth

Any Kinds of
3D Printers

The core strategy of LuDent development is being usable with any kinds of LCD 3D printer using 395nm or 405nm LED. LuDent allows technicians to print all types of dental 3D parts with 35um super precision even without investing thousands of dollars in 3D printer and it will give all features including mechanical strength and biocompatibility with proper post-cuing process even it is printed $200 LCD 3D printers.

All 3D printer settings including bottom layer curing and layer exposure time based on slicing thickness and intensity of light are posted in our website and constantly updated whenever new printer is leased.

Certified 12 Resins
For All You Need

Including Class I and Class II certified, 12 kinds resin are optimized for manufacturing of 3D-printed DM (Dental Model), GM (Gingiva Mask), DC (Dental Castable), SG (Surgical Guide), DJ (Dental Jig), Try CB (Try in C&B), CT (Custom Tray), OI (Ortho IBT), OA (Ortho Aligner), OR (Ortho Rigid), C&B (Crown & Bridge), DB (Denture Base). LuDent resin are suitable for printing all types of dental parts with super-fast print and high-precision ±35 microns. LuDent make easy to switch from analog to digital dental production.