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Based on 30 years of experience in UV curable technologies, 3DMaterials launched the SuperFast Series, which enables the fastest 3D printing in the world, and reduced the printing time from 6 seconds per layer to 0.6 seconds per layer, which is only 1/10 of printing time by conventional technology, and improved 3D printing productivity by more than 300%. Also, we introduced the world‘s first water washable resin that reduced drastically usage of solvents such as IPA and alcohol that are toxic to human body and environment in 3D printing.

LuDent is the crown jewel of these 30 years of development of 3DMaterials. LuDent resins provide all necessary key features in Dental 3D Printing; 0.6 sec super-fast printing, 0.35um precision, Class I & II biocompatibilities required by CE & FDA, user-friendly settings, and cost savings in 3D printers and post-curing units.